Изучать иностранные языки

“If you bring together all those who are somewhere on the globe at this moment does homework in English or in Spanish, we get a population of one European country …”
“How many languages ??you know, you have so much and lives” – said the ancient Greeks. Learning a foreign language – is not only an opportunity to get acquainted with a new culture, customs, and traditions, but also to know himself.

Proverb states: “All in good time.” Time to learn, to build a family, move up the career ladder. But it also happens that a man in middle age is aware that at some point he needs a foreign language. It’s great is never too late to do languages.

2 years ago I took Spanish and English. Getting unusual to hear someone else’s speech. But if you engage regularly, you begin to understand what languages ??are interesting and necessary in order to navigate in the country to which you send the “luck.”

I want to give an example: “Alex ’33, manager of the education three years ago took up Spanish and English. During this time, he not only learned the granite of science, but also built his personal life. He appeared like-minded people with whom he is in correspondence and improves your vocabulary. Due to which he and his wife have traveled all over Latin America, and England. Now waiting for a promotion at work. “