Республика Сан-Марино

San Marino – a tiny country surrounded on all sides by the territory of Italy. Republic consists of nine ancient walled cities: the eponymous capital city of San Marino, the fortress of Borgo Maggiore, Acquaviva, Faetano, Serravale, Fiorentino Domagnano, fortresses and Chezanuovo Montegiardino. The shape of the walled cities of the many forms that are typical of medieval towns, old houses, narrow streets, terraces, remnants of fortifications, Lanes.

The territory of the Republic of San Marino is hilly. The highest point is Monte Titano, the adjacent mountain with three peaks. At each of the vertices are located in the beautiful medieval fortress tower. It is a kind of symbol of the republic.

The main architectural attractions of the Republic of San Marino, “Palazzo Publico” (Government Palace), the Basilica del Santo, Church of St. Quirinus. As well as many unique churches and medieval castles, which, thanks to local residents maintain their well-preserved original appearance. Must visit the only museum in their area of ??curious things.

Every year, in the second half of July, the capital of acquiring an image of the medieval city. The locals dress in clothing typical of the Middle Ages, the streets are filled with fortune tellers, courtesans, musicians and artisans. Taverns as their menu offers traditional medieval dishes. Every year at the end of August – beginning of September, held the Grand Prix “Cinzano” – the world championship motorcycle racing. At the same time on Monte Titano organize sports events under the theme of motorcycle racing. The most important event of the summer – “Pink Night”. This is a festival in pink, which is accompanied by a variety of concerts and shows. Events and festivals, held in San Marino during the year, attracting thousands of tourists, and forever leave a lasting impression in their hearts.

Brief information about San Marino
Area: 61.2 sq km
Capital: San Marino
Population: 32,404 (as of 2012)
The official language is Italian
Currency: Euro