Consecutive interpreting

Along with the translation in writing, a great popularity among the clients of our Translation Bureau “Universal” also uses oral translation, one of which is consecutive interpretation. A speaker, a guide, a business negotiator, or just a foreign citizen periodically pauses in his speech, which gives the interpreter time to comprehend what has been said and convey the speaker’s main idea to the target audience that does not know a foreign language.

During the speaker’s monologue, the interpreter must always remember the main points of the speech in order to then skillfully weave them into his speech and not miss anything of importance. A distinctive feature of this transfer can be called mobility – there is no need to use any additional equipment, except for the microphone in case of events for a large audience. Therefore, the services of an interpreter can be used during crossings, in the course of excursions and similar events.

The most often consecutive translation is used in the process of business negotiations, at a press conference and briefings, presentations and exhibitions. This type of translation excellently proved itself also when it is necessary to hold court hearings and various legal proceedings involving foreign citizens. They also use this translation during excursion programs organized for foreign citizens, as well as at those plants where consultations of a foreign specialist are required for the installation and adjustment of industrial equipment. Unlike synchronous, for consecutive interpretation it is enough to attract only one experienced specialist who will excellently handle the entire amount of work and will perform all duties perfectly.

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