Simultaneous interpreting

The Translation Centre UNIVERSALL (Universall) provides interpreting at events of the highest level (interpreting from/to Spanish, English, French and other languages).

We provide

Simultaneous interpretation (providing of equipment for simultaneous interpretation is possible) Consecutive interpretation. Accompanying interpretation (negotiations, consultations).

Telephone conversations.

One of the most difficult and responsible types of interpreting is simultaneous interpretations. As a rule, simultaneous interpretations is required for organization of different events with a large number of the participants (conferences, forums, presentations etc.). The peculiarity of simultaneous interpretation is equipment of the conference room with special equipment, the simultaneous interpreting is transmitted by which. Due to such system there is no need for the speakers to take pauses for interpretation during their speech (as it is in the case of consecutive interpretation). Instantaneous interpretation enables you to work quickly, to accept more specific information, to conduct lively discussions.

Accompanying interpretation, such as interpreting of telephone conversations, allows to maintain active international contacts, to discuss business-issues with foreign partners and to sign contracts with them in the forma of interactive dialogue.

Our Translation Centre UNIVERSALL (Universall) provides:

Simultaneous interpretation Spanish;

Simultaneous interpretation English.

A quality interpreting into Spanish, English and the other languages – is your great opportunity to conduct business negotiations, to enter into profitable deals, arrange conference meetings at the high professional level.

You can find out the detailed information on the providing of interpreting services and prices contacting our managers by phone or coming to our office.

Using services of our interpreters – whether simultaneous interpretation in English or simultaneous interpretation in Spanish – you will no longer worry about interpretation or technical equipment of the event, and will focus on other, more important organizational issues.

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