Simultaneous interpreting

The UNIVERSALL Translation Agency provides high-quality interpretation at events of the highest level (interpretation from/to Spanish, English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Hungarian, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and other languages).

We perform:

  1. Simultaneous interpretation
  2. Consecutive interpretation
  3. Accompanying interpretation
  4. Telephone interpretation

One of the most complex and demanding types of interpretation is exactly simultaneous interpretation. As a rule, simultaneous (synchronous) interpretation is required at events with a large number of participants (conferences, forums, symposia, seminars, presentations, etc.). The peculiarity of simultaneous interpretation is special equipping of a conference room. Thanks to this system, a speaker does not need to take breaks for interpretation during his/her speech (as is the case with consecutive interpretation). Instantaneous, i.e. simultaneous, interpretation makes it possible to work quickly, perceive more information and hold lively discussions. Simultaneous interpretation is usually performed by two interpreters who work alternating every 20-30 minutes.

Simultaneous interpretation requires additional equipment. Our translation Agency is ready to provide such equipment, namely, interpreter booths, a console, headphones, microphones, as well as services of our technical specialist for the duration of the event.

Consecutive interpretation proved to be excellent solution for press conferences, briefings, business negotiations, consultations, exhibitions, excursion programs and other similar events. A participant in negotiations or just a foreign citizen makes pauses in his/her speech now and then, which gives an interpreter time to comprehend what was said and convey a speaker’s message to a target audience which does not speak a foreign language. You can read more about consecutive interpretation here.

Translation of a telephone conversation is effective solution of issues arising in the course of cooperation with foreign partners, and maintenance of active international relations in the form of interactive communication.

Supportive (accompanying) interpretation comes in handy in accompanying foreign citizens moving around the city for business or leisure purposes and implies assisting them in solving all sorts of issues during their stay in the country. Accompanying interpretation does not require involvement of interpreter specializing in consecutive interpretation at events of the highest level, much less a highly-qualified simultaneous interpreter. Therefore, the cost of this type of interpretation is 20% lower than that of the consecutive one.

Professional interpretation (interpretation to Spanish, English and other languages) secures successful business negotiations, conferences, seminars, symposia and conclusion of profitable deals. Using the services of simultaneous interpretation either to English or Spanish rendered by our interpreters, you will not worry about the quality of interpretation and technical support for events as a whole and will be able to focus on other organizational issues.

You can learn prices for simultaneous, consecutive and other types of interpretation in the Prices section or by calling us on any of the phone numbers +380 44 227 47 63; +380 98 903 73 43; +380 63 696 69 95), as well as by sending a request to our email

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