The translation centre UNIVERSALL (Universall) (Kyiv) provides written translation of the following texts: legal, financial and economic, scientific and technical, medical, educational, fiction and nonfiction. We provide translation of documents, language services of correspondence, translation of website and software etc.

Translation of documents. At specified period of time we will send you translation of text by e-mail, in MS Word format with maximum compliance with the original document, edited and corrected properly.

You can also receive the ready text translation in printed form, certified by seal and stamp of the translation centre UNIVERSALL, or on CD, both personally or using our courier services.

We provide translation of documents at high professional level. Professional translation at our Centre UNIVERSALL (Universall) – is:

translation of text of any complexity and thematic focus; immediate translation of documents; moderate prices; confidentiality; professionalism.

Possibility to make a notarized translation.

Translation of a website. The translation centre UNIVERSALL (Universall) will also perform a translation of your company website, complete or partial translation of software, IT-texts translation, technical descriptions etc. Translation is performed according to the website format or according to the new conditions of translation. We also provide the following language support for your website.

The translation centre UNIVERSALL (Universall) provides written translation of legal, financial and economic, technical, journalistic, scientific and educational, promotional and other texts, translation of personal and business documents from and to the major languages of the world.

Our relations with customers are based on mutual respect, professional performance of work and high quality of service.

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