«Green Integrated Logistics»

The company «Green Integrated Logistics» thanks Translation “UNIVERSAL” for services rendered. Timeliness of orders, professionals, high-quality translation – all that distinguishes Translation “UNIVERSAL” from other translation agencies in Kiev. Translation Bureau of documents “UNIVERSAL” – a reliable partner who is ready to fulfill orders of any complexity, scope and volume. Thus Translation “UNIVERSAL” always guarantee confidentiality. The correct translation of the documents – this is one of the components of a successful business. That is why we are more than a year working with this translation agency in Kiev.

Ekaterina Makarova, the CFO «Green Integrated Logistics»

Institut of Music. RM Glier

Despite the considerable number of translation agencies in Kyiv, I prefer the company “UNIVERSAL”, one of the best translation agency in Ukraine. This interpretation center in Kiev has repeatedly affirmed his honesty and reliability. Thank you for your professionalism and attention to customers!

Tatiana Moiseenko, Methodist first category of the Kiev Institute of Music. RM Glier


Our agency works with the center transfers “UNIVERSAL” on a regular basis for 4 years. The speed with which it works Translation, cost, and quality translation of documents is fully satisfied with us. If you require the services of a translation agency, we recommend this translation center in Kiev.

Svetlana Zinoviev, director of travel agency “Globus”


We have carefully selected a translation agency in Kiev for cooperation in the field of translation of documents and opted for an interpretation center “UNIVERSAL” because this company offers the best combination of price and quality translation of documents.
Tatyana Lebedeva, Office Coordinator «Status-Kiev»


When we need an urgent translation and notarization of the invoices, as well as a competent translation of manuals, specifications and other documents necessary for the work, we turn to Kyiv translation agency “Universal”. In the near future we plan to order a translation agency “Universal” to translate the site of our company.

Dmitry Kanashkin, head of household appliances enterprises “Comte”


LLC «SNS» successfully cooperates with the Kiev Translation “UNIVERSAL”. During his time language translation company “Universal” has established itself as a reliable partner in the field of technical, legal and business translations. Performance of the order on time, correct translation of documents and the quality of its design suggests that the organization employs highly qualified translators with many years of experience. Thank you for your excellent work and look forward to working with the company “UNIVERSAL” – a professional translation agency in Kiev.

Hope Shek, executive director of «SNS»

LLC “Travel Club”

The staff of “Travel Club” repeatedly resorted to the services of the interpretation center “UNIVERSAL”, Kiev, commends Translation “UNIVERSAL” for a high professional level, individual approach, commitment to fulfilling any volume translation of documents for embassies and consulates, interpreting business negotiations with foreign partners, and the possibility of urgent translation, combined with an affordable, and for most items – the lowest – the cost of translation services in the Ukrainian market. Translation agency “UNIVERSAL” – our and your right choice!

Xenia Shmigol, Tourism Manager, LLC “Travel Club”