Notarization of translated documents

The UNIVERSALL Translation Agency provides notarized translations and legalization of documents (apostille and consular legalization). Notarization of translation is a procedure of preparation of official documents drawn up in a foreign language with the purpose of their submission to government agencies. 

Translation and notarization of documents at our Agency is performed as follows:

  1. A qualified translator of our Agency translates your document.
  2. A document translated and signed by a translator is stitched to an original document (or a copy);
  3. Then a Notary of our translation agency performs notarization procedure. A Notary certifies a signature of a translator who translated a document. Thus, notarization of translation involves verification of translator’s identity and authentication of translator’s signature. Only a translator is responsible for translation quality; a Notary doesn’t have to know the language of translation or to verify accuracy of translation.
  4. The UNIVERSALL Translation Agency carries out notarization of translation only if original document is available.

We provide notarized translation of the following documents:

Notarized translation of passports

Translation is stitched to a passport copy. A Notary certifies a translator’s signature.

Notarized translation of certificates:

Translation of birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, death certificates and name change certificates

Translation is stitched to a certificate copy. A Notary certifies a translator’s signature and accuracy of a photocopy.

Notarized translation of official documents:

Translation of certificates of no criminal record, certificates of employment, certificates of income, bank statements, different certificates for embassies, certificates required for visa

Translation is stitched to an original certificate. A Notary certifies a translator’s signature.

Notarized translation of educational documents:

Translation of diplomas, addenda to diplomas and certificates of secondary education

Translation is stitched to copies. A Notary certifies a translator’s signature and accuracy of a photocopy. 

Notarized translation of corporate documents:

Translation of articles of association, articles of incorporation, minutes, purchase and sale agreements, lease agreements, contracts, invoices, waybills, packing lists, etc.

Translation is stitched either to photocopies or originals, depending on the customer’s needs. 

Notarized translation of driver’s licenses

Translation of vehicle registration certificates, licenses, certificates, identity cards and other documents.

Translation and notarization at the UNIVERSALL Translation Agency is performed at a high professional level.

The cost of translation notarization service is available in the Prices section.

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