Website translation

For every modern person, the Internet has long become an integral part of life. We receive all the basic information from the Internet, and company executives are aware of this. Each company tries to acquire its own personal website, by going to which, visitors could get acquainted with the products, services or simply get comprehensive information on this or that issue. The site is a business card of each organization and an information site that provides an opportunity to provide data on the company’s activities to as many Internet users as possible. And, of course, the maximum program for any company is to enter the international level. And here you can not do without creating a foreign language version of the site.

Professional translation of sites allows you to translate into a foreign language all the content, i.e. text content, your Internet resource and significantly expand the range of users. Translation of content may be needed in several cases. This procedure can be performed to represent a company in another country. For example, if you are opening an office in China, it is not superfluous to add to the Russian-language version of the site and the international English and Chinese. This will simplify the use of the site for residents of a particular region and will allow you to be understood and accepted by the target audience. In addition, the presence of a foreign language version of the site significantly increases the company’s rating and makes it possible to be available to users in all corners of the globe.

Most commonly used to create a foreign language version of the site are generally recognized international languages ​​- English, German and French, which are understandable to the population of most countries. Employees of our translation agency “Universal” will take care of that you could convey important information to as many users as possible!

The cost of translation of the site is determined based on the number of articles posted on the site and their volume, and the foreign language or languages ​​for which you are planning to translate the text content of your Internet resource. You can get acquainted with the prices for the translation of texts in the section “Tariffs” or by calling us on any of these phones, as well as sending a request to our e-mail, and we will immediately provide you with the cost of the order.

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