We offer lower translation prices, without prejudice to the high quality of translation.
We do not perform automatic translations!
We work only with professional translators and specialized reviewers
and we maintain strict quality control


How to calculate the price of a translation?

Generally, each translator or translation agency has a price per word for each language combination (for example, translations from English to Spanish at 0.12-0.16 dollars/word in the United States or 0.08 euros/word in Spain). Normally, less frequent combinations are more expensive, so a translation from Swedish to Spanish will cost more than a translation from English to Spanish. In this sense, if you know the translation rate of a translator or agency, you can easily calculate the price of a translation using this formula:

number of words x rate / word = translation price

Thus, for example, a translation from Spanish to English of a 500 word document with a rate of 0.08 euros/word will cost you 40 euros + VAT (21%) in Spain.

In Kiev, Ukraine, we offer translations at half price, so the same translation would cost you:

in US dollars:                                     500 words x 0.05 USD = 25 USD

in euros:                                             500 words x 0.04 EUR = 20 EUR,

And no tax at all!

There are also some translation professionals or companies that, instead of a per-word rate, have a standard per-page rate (a standard page has 1800 symbols including spaces). In this case, the formula would be as follows and would have 2 stages:

1) number of symbols including spaces: 1800 = number of standard pages

2) number of standard pages х rate/page = translation price

For example, the same 500 word text has 3510 symbols including spaces.

1) 3510 symbols: 1800 = 1.95 standard pages

EUR:   2) 1.95 pages х 10.25 EUR (rate/page) = 20 EUR (translation price)

USD:   2) 1.95 pages х 12.80 USD (rate/page) = 25 USD (translation price)


It should also be clarified that the price of a translation per word applies to the original text or source of the translation, not to the final text or destination of the translation.

This is important because, for example, when we translate from English to Spanish, the resulting text normally has 30% more words than the initial English text.

In addition, we do not add any tax to the cost of translation, which means that you will pay exactly what we calculate from the beginning, and not a penny more.

Languages and translation prices

Translation language

Basic translation rate

English – Russian – English
English – Ukrainian – English

$0.04 per word or $10.25 per page
(€0.03 per word or €7.7 per page)

English – Spanish – English
English – German – English

$0.05 per word or $12.80 per page
(€0.04 per word or €10.25 per page)

English – French – English
English – Italian – English
English – Portuguese – English

$0,06 per word or $15,30 per page
(€0,05 per word or €12,80 per page)

It is just an example. We translate all kinds of documents and texts from and to many more languages of the world:

Languages of Eastern European countries:

Bulgarian, Romanian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Croatian, Czech, Polish, Hungarian

Languages of the Baltic countries:

Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian

Languages of the Scandinavian countries:

Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish

Rare European languages:

Bosnian, Macedonian, Greek, Moldovan

Languages of the nations of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries:

Azerbaijani, Armenian, Bashkirio, Belarusian, Georgian, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Tajik, Tatar, Turkmen, Uzbek

Oriental languages:

Arabic, Turkish, Japanese

The price of a translation depends on the language, difficulty, format and delivery time

+ possible surcharges

– possible discounts

Difficulty of the text
Specialized translations can cost 10%, 25% or even 50% more, depending on their complexity, for example, the translation of an ultrasound protocol, or a technical project on nuclear physics or the oil industry.

Repetition discount
If we detect phrases with many repetitions (more than 75%), we will apply a discount of between 50 and 100%.

Express delivery
We can make very urgent translations in 24 hours, but they carry a surcharge of +30%.

Edition / Format
We can translate any non-editable file as images or scanned pages, even extract PDF to Word, but the price will increase by 10%. Html code translations carry a 20% surcharge.

Volume discount
Group what you are going to translate, and get lower prices starting from 10,000 words.

Notary Certified Translation
would cost € 10 per document (up to 8 pages).



Type of interpretation

Price for one hour
(minimum order – 2 hours)

Price for one working day
(8 hours)

Accompanying interpretation
* Translation while accompanying of foreign citizens during trips and other nonofficial activities

15-20.00 USD, or
14-18.00 EUR

120-160.00 USD, or
108-145.00 EUR

Consecutive interpretation

30-35.00 USD, or
27-32.00 EUR

240-280.00 USD or
217-253.00 EUR

Simultaneous interpretation
minimum order – 4 hours
** Price for one interpreter in case two simultaneous interpreters are hired

Up to 4 hours
160.00 USD**, or
145.00 EUR**

Up to 8 hours
320.00 USD** or
289.00 EUR**

Translation of telephone conversations – 10.00-15.00 USD, or -14.00 EUR