The Translation Centre “Universall” works on the basis of 100% prepayment for all of the services offered. Regular customers may effect payment upon delivery of the service.

Translation rates:

LANGUAGES Written translations 1 standard page (1800 characters with spaces) Standard document certificates of birth, death, marriage, divorce, etc.), certificate of no criminal record,  certificate from bank, certificate on income, etc.), diplomas (without academic transcript)
From foreign language into Ukrainian/ Russian From Ukrainian/ Russian into foreign language
Languages of countries of Western Europe:
English 50/55* 55/60* 35
German 50/55* 55/60* 35
French 50/55* 55/60* 35
Spanish 50/55* 55/60* 35
Italian 55/60* 60/65* 45
Portuguese 65/70* 70/75* 55
Languages of countries of Eastern Europe:
Bulgarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Romanian, 75/85* 85/95* 65
Serbian, Slovak, Slovene, Croatian, Czech, 70/80* 80/90*
Polish 60/65* 65/70*
Hungarian 65/70* 70/75*
Languages of the Scandinavian countries:
Norwegian, Swedish, 80/90* 90/ 100* 75
Estonian, Finnish, 80/90* 90/ 100*
Danish 85/95* 90/ 100*
Rare European languages:
Bosnian, Netherlands (Dutch), Flemish (Belgian), 80/90* 90/ 100* 75
Greek, 80/90* 90/ 100*
Catalan, 85/95* 95/ 105*
Latin, Esperanto 90/ 100* 100/ 110*
Languages of the people of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries:
Azerbaijan, Armenian, Bashkir, Belarus, Georgian, Kazakh, Kirghiz, Moldavian, Tadjik, Tatar, Turkmen, Uzbek 80/90* 90/ 100* 75
Russian – Ukrainian – Russian 30 30 35
East languages:
Arabian, 85/95* 95/ 105* 80
Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, 85/95* 95/ 105*
Turkish, 85/90* 95/ 105*
Japanese, Hebrew 90/ 100* 100/ 110*
Rare east languages:
Afrikaans, Dari, Mongolian, Pushtu, Swahili, Tagalog, Urdu, Thai, 160 190 140
Indonesian, Farsi (Persian), Hindi 170 200 160

Current prices are indicated in Ukrainian hryvnias (UAH)


Translation of texts on general subjects, including legal and financial terminology: contracts, accounting reports, simple technical specifications, manuals, business and personal correspondence, etc.

* Translation of texts on specific subjects with highly specialized terminology: medicine, technical projects on nuclear physics, petroleum industry, etc.

– Tariffs are specified in Ukrainian hryvnias, including all taxes.

– Standard page: 1800 symbols with spaces.

– Time-frames and prices for urgent projects and projects of advanced complexity shall be discussed in each particular case.

NOTARIal ATTESTATION of translated documents:


Notarization of translated documents

Term Up to 10 documents Over 10 documents
Notarial authentication of the translator’s signature*

2-3 days

65,00 UAH.

55,00 UAH.

1 day

70,00 UAH.

60,00 UAH.

Notarization of a photocopy and the translator’s signature*

2-3 days

70,00 UAH.

60,00 UAH.

1 day

75,00 UAH.

65,00 UAH.

*The prices specified are of notarization of a document that contains up to four sheets, sewn, sealed and signed by a notary. If the document contains more than four sheets, an extra charge for each additional sheet is 5 UAH.

Requirements of the notary to the documents:

  1. In most cases, you must provide the original document.
  2. The document should clearly indicate the document title and the issuing organization.
  3. The document must be signed by the officials authorized to issue the documents, the seals of the organization, the reference number and the date.
  4. If the document contains more than one sheet, it should be sewn, sealed and signed.
  5. The documents issued by the foreign state authorities shall bear the stamp “Apostille” or consular legalization stamps.


This type of certification is used in case the original document does not meet to the requirements imposed to the notarial attestation or if the notarial attestation is not necessary.

Certification of translated documents with the stamps of the Translation Centre Price per unit

One copy

Every subsequent copy

Certification of the translation with the translator’s signature


10,00 UAH.

Certification of the translation with the stamp of the Translation Centre


10,00 UAH.





Price for individuals

Price for  corporate clients

APOSTILLE at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Justice

5 working

140,00 UAH.

220,00 UAH.

LEGALIZATION of documents at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Justice

List of documents


Legalization of documents Ministry of Justice

Civil Registry, notarial documents, certificates of no criminal record, court decisions, medical records, educational records

140,00 UAH.

Legalization of documents Ministry of Foreign Affairs

140,00 UAH.

Legalization at the Kyiv City municipal Department of Justice

140,00 UAH.

Legalization at the Kyiv Region Department of Justice

140,00 UAH.

Legalization at the Kyiv City Public Health Department

140,00 UAH.

Legalization at the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine

140,00 UAH.



Type of interpretation

Price for one hour (minimum order – 2 hours)

Price for one working day (8 hours)
5% discount

Translation of telephone conversations

150,00 UAH.

1140,00 UAH.

Accompanying translation
* Translation while accompanying of foreign citizens during trips and other nonofficial activities

175,00 UAH.

1330,00 UAH.

Consecutive translation

220,00 UAH.

1670,00 UAH.

Simultaneous translation
– minimum order – 4 hours
** Price for one interpreter in case a pair of simultaneous translators are hired

4 hours –
1600,00 UAH

8 hours –
3040,00 UAH.