Плюсы изучения иностранных языков

There are a lot of children, students and adults in our modern world who want to learn more languages than they already know. For example, if a person knows Russian and English he/she may wish to learn some other languages (Spanish, French, German, Italian, Ukrainian, Czech, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, Polish, Belarusian, etc.) and then to practice the language learned in the country it is spoken.

Nowadays many people know five or more languages, and some even take on learning complex languages, such as Chinese, Thai… Duration of learning a foreign language depends on its complexity, pronunciation, etc. Intensive learning can take some years.

So, what are the advantages of learning a foreign language? You will be able to go to the country of the language learned and speak fluently with its citizens. You can boast of a number of languages you have learned. You also will be able to help other people to learn these languages; or, if you, for example, learn the language of your idol, you can communicate with and understand him/her. There are certainly many other advantages in knowing several foreign languages; therefore, you shall start learning right now, as this knowledge will benefit you in future.