Oral translation

It so happened that for most people it is the spoken language that presents the greatest difficulties when learning a foreign language. Lack of regular conversational practice and the inability to constantly communicate with native speakers leads to the fact that, if necessary, to negotiate with foreign partners, hold presentations for foreign participants of seminars and conferences, there can be various difficulties. Speaker who does not know a foreign language at the proper level, can not competently organize his speech and convey to the audience the main thoughts – listeners may simply not understand it. In addition, the quality of the performance will be affected by the excitement – it is difficult to confidently hold a presentation or meeting, when you constantly try to find the right words.

It is much easier to use the “interpreting” service, which the “Universal” Translation Agency offers to its clients. After hearing the requirements of the client, our company will send to him a professional interpreter, who knows the foreign language perfectly. Employees of the company with many years of experience, who have simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, will be your assistants at various business and entertainment events, will help you find a common language with business partners and make your speech at a seminar understandable to foreign colleagues. Interpretation may be needed not only at home, but also in the case of foreign trips – cooperation with an interpreter will make you feel free and relaxed in any country.

Translation Bureau “Universal” performs all types of interpretation:

Simultaneous interpretation at international conferences, forums and symposia.
Consecutive interpretation – interpreter services at business negotiations, consultations, press conferences.
Supporting translation – interpreter-assistant services when moving around the city.
Translation of telephone conversations – for effective solution of issues with foreign partners with minimal loss of time.

Order quality interpreting from real professionals. The translation agency offers clients the services of the best specialists who will help you overcome the language barrier and convey your thoughts to foreign speaking interlocutors.

You can get acquainted with the prices for all types of interpretation in the section “Tariffs” or call us on any of these phones, as well as send us a request to universall.translations@gmail.com.

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