Особенности медицинского перевода с немецкого языка на украинский

Translation of medical documents from German into Ukrainian is considered one of the most popular types of translation. Translation of medical texts is particularly complex, as a specialist, performs translations in this field should have a high level of professionalism and knowledge in the field of translation, pharmacy and medicine.

Translators and editors specializing in the performance of medical translation, must possess medical terminology at the professional level, have appropriate qualifications and education, as well as experience in translating texts from the field of medicine. High-quality translation is available only if the basic rules of the job.

Translation of medical texts from German to Ukrainian demands a high level of clarity and precision of presentation, since the slightest mistake or inaccuracy in such a translation can lead to irreversible processes in the treatment, or even death. That is why the translation of literary texts and medical subjects from German into Ukrainian must be approached with the utmost care, the translator must understand perfectly in pharmaceuticals and medicine, as well as the German language flawlessly.

Translators who specialize in the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals, is usually carried out such kinds of translations: translation, localization (cultural adaptation) instructions, monographs, promotional materials, manuals, certificates, patents, opinions, contracts, epicrisis, journal articles and other medical records. Some translators perform interpretation in trainings, conferences and negotiations.